A boat is a tool

As with all tools, the better the tool, the easier the job. Every Munson is a purpose-built tool designed and built from the ground up to perfectly meet the needs of its user.  “What can it do?” you ask… a better question would be “what can’t it do?” The options and features available on your Munson are only limited by imagination and budget.

Our clients say it best…

“The one thing people kept saying to me after I said there was no damage to the boat was “of course it fine, it’s a Munson!”

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Hull Designs

Munson Packman Mono Hull

Munson Packcat Catamaran Hull





Fendering Options

D-Rubber Fendering

Inflatable Fendering

Foam Collar

Bow Door Operation

Manual Winch

2- 12v Electric Winch

12v Electric Winch

Hydraulic Rams

Bow Door Options

Flip Out Ladders

2- Flip Out Ramps

Flip Out Ramps

Removable Boarding Stairs


Roll Up Security Doors

Collapsible T-top on a 34′ Yacht Tender

Extra Wide T-top on a 28′ Fire Boat

Cabin Interiors

Insulated Work Boat

Insulated Sport Boat

Premium Interior


Leaning Posts

Captain Seats

Shock Mitigating Suspension Seats

Head Systems

Full Head Compartment

2- Flushing Head

Flushing Head

3- Porta Potti

Porta Potti

Galley Equipment

Refrigerators and Stove Tops

Sinks and Grills

Microwaves and Cabinets


1- Mechanical Winches

Mechanical Winches

2- Powered Winches

Powered Winches

3- Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic Cranes


Anchor Rollers

12v Windlass Systems

Stern Anchor Systems

Towing Equipment

1- Tow Posts

Tow Posts

2- Engine Guards

Engine Guards

3- Tow Line Spools

Tow Line Spools

Diving Equipment

Dive Ladders

Dive Bottle Racks

Custom HP Tank Racks


Flood and Scene Lights

Light Bars

Specialty Light Masts

Safety Equipment

Life Rings

2- Life Rafts

Life Rafts

3- Backboard Storage

Backboard Storage

Paint Graphics and Markings

1- Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics

Bottom Paint

3- Top Side Paint

Top Side Paint


1- Outboard Motors

Outboard Motors

2- Stern Drives

Stern Drives

3- Jet Drives

Jet Drives

Fire Systems

1- Single 500 GPM Monitor

Single 500 GPM Monitor

Fire Command Station

3000 GPM with RF Monitor


Tandem Axel

2- Triple Axel_

Triple Axel

3- Gooseneck


Our clients say it best…

“Last week I was involved in a traffic accident while driving my work truck and towing our Munson.  The driver who hit me was to my left.  He was about to hit the car in front of him and swerved into my vehicle.  My truck had some damage, the trailer is likely to be totaled.  The only damage I saw on the boat was a scratch from the winch post.  I’m really not sure how the boat didn’t flip off the trailer.

The front of the Kia was mangled. Needless to say, the tow truck drivers thought this was great fun.  The amazing thing is that this boat is so strong they were able to lift the boat by its cleats and set it back on the trailer.

The one thing people kept saying to me after I said there was no damage to the boat was “of course it fine, it’s a Munson!” Land or sea, these boats are tough…”

Sarasota County Dept. of Natural Resources