We will build your perfect boat.

Unique, one-of-a-kind workboat that is the perfect vessel for you.

The William E. Munson Company is a family owned welded aluminum boat manufacturer located in Burlington, Washington. We specialize in high speed landing craft and have built more of this type of vessel than anyone in the world.

Bill Munson’s focus has been to design and build the most innovative and hardworking aluminum boats on the market. For two generations our family owned company has been dedicated to the ongoing development of the world’s finest landing craft and work-boats.

Countless hours have been spent developing our products, features and options so that we can design and build the best boat for your demanding lifestyle. Our highly specialized line of high speed landing craft represent a very practical alternative to conventional boat design.

You can select the vessel from our website that most closely fits your needs to serve as a starting point. From there our experienced sales team will work with you to create a proposal for a unique, one-of-a-kind workboat that is the perfect vessel for you.


The Ultimate Work Boat®

We build custom welded aluminum landing craft, as well as the occasional pointy bow boat for various applications including patrol, fire, passenger, dive, research, fishing and oil spill response.

Recent Deliveries

What sets us apart is our specialization in high-speed landing craft, which we have built more of than anyone else in the world.

The Ultimate Workboat® – In Action