• "I am writing this letter to you, almost a year after I first received my 30 ft Munson Packcat, to tell you how totally impressed I am with your boat. It has consistently met or exceeded all the expectations of both me and my clientele while performing a variety of tasks in often challenging conditions. The design of the vessel from the hull and wheelhouse to the subtle and beautiful lines throughout is absolutely superb and the construction is second to none. It is clear that your design team are artists and your construction team are craftsmen. Even from our first inquiry it was obvious how professional and committed Munson Boats is to what you do as it was a pleasure dealing with your frontline team and the treatment I received was the same as the vessels you produce - top quality.

    I've owned my Packcat for long enough now, and worked her hard enough, to truly be able to say - the honeymoon's over, the rose colored glasses are off and the tests have all been done - this is simply one of the best boats I have had the pleasure to own or operate in my entire professional career. From the design table to the build yard to the water - the team at Munson Boats have mastered it all.

    Thank you for building such an awesome boat. "

    Danny Robertson
    Highlander Marine Services

  • "The boat has been great, we have worked it to death and used it for a huge variety of duties, ranging from fire, rescue, emergency response and law enforcement, to restroom pump-outs, garbage hauling, ATV and equipment hauling, fish planting, fuel spill clean up and buoy maintenance. The only things that have worn out in 5 years, with a lot of use and abuse have been the hinge on the battery compartment hatch and the upholstery on the bench seat."

    Dave Jigour
    Don Pedro Recreation Agency
    Turlock Irrigation District, California

  • "I am stationed aboard the USCGC HEALY and have had the pleasure of operating two of the Packman LCVPs during the past year and a half. I am smitten! They are simply wonderful boats and actually thinking about one for my "post Coast Guard life when I retire". Thank you very much for your assistance and for these marvelous boats. I personally enjoy driving them over anything else I've had the opportunity to operate during my 21 years in the 'Guard."

    BM1 Elsa

  • "Our boat has been in service (rough service) for a couple of years now, and with the gorillas we have operating it, she is still afloat. She has taken some lumps, but has not complained at all. You folks build one hell of a stout boat."

    Eugene Water and Electric Board
    Carmen/Smith Project

  • "Thought you might like a shot of cruising in the Yukon. It's hard to believe, but we are on our third season of freighting this spring and have put on 500 hrs the last 2 summers! Other than wishing we had gone a couple of feet longer, the boat has been awesome! Thanks a bunch."

    Rustic North Ltd.
    Yukon Territory, Canada

  • "The boat is holding up well. I thought you would enjoy seeing my biggest deck load to date. It's not really a fish, but a small Killer Whale. This animal washed up on a rocky shoreline off Carmel Highlands. A smaller boat pulled it out and I met them in open water about 15 miles from Moss Landing. With the bow door and capstan we were able to haul it on board in about 5 minutes. We suspect it weighed around 3000 lbs - our scale tops out at 2000. I ran the boat home at 23 knots (3200 rpm), beached it on the launch ramp and used a forklift to drag the whale off the deck. Local experts conducted a necropsy (an animal autopsy) and had the whole thing mopped up by quitting time. Tissue samples will be analyzed and the skeleton will be articulated for display at the marine lab. The ramp smells terrible this morning!

    John, Captain, R/V SHEILA B. & Small Boats Coordinator
    Moss Landing Marine Labs, California State University

  • "I wanted to thank you for the job that your guys did, I am more than impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that went into the boat. Jesse, Sean and Steve were all a pleasure to work with, and work with them I did, you probably know that already. You would not believe how many people come over to the boat, I would be very surprised if you do not get additional sales due to this boat. Once again Bill, you and your team have exceeded my already high expectation. Like you, I to believe you make the best boat that one can buy. You have one very very happy customer."

    Long Island, New York

  • "We've had the boat in the water for a couple weeks now and have started training the crews on it. They seem to really enjoy it and see it as quite an asset. It has 1500 ft of 18" harbor (contractor) boom in her. We even had Alameda Co. Fire Dept over a couple of times taking a hard look. I guess they're in the market."

    Vic, Emergency Response Coordinator
    Chevron Richmond Refinery, California

  • "I am really pleased with the boat you made for me. I have yet to find a single thing I would change. The 225 seems to be perfect for the hull and we cruised at about 21 knots at 4000 RPM (breakin period!) arriving in Tenakee Inlet in 2 1/2 hours. We stopped in one of the bays and anchored up and my son, wife and I went into the woods for a succeeful deer hunt. By lunchtime we were dropping things off at the house and tied up in the harbor. I am really pleased with the way the whole "cabin" turned out. The canvas enclosure is great with sliding door panels instead of rollups. The console design accomplished exactly what I wanted; big dash and lots of storage."

    Juneau, Alaska

  • "The boat is magnificent. Everyone loved it and we caught lots of fish. The boat handled well in rough seas, which we had more than our share of, and the wheelhouse was warm and comfortable. The forward deck was perfect for fishing and the bow door made cleaning fish blood easy; when things got really messy we just lowered the door and hosed everything out."

    Seward, Alaska

  • "We've been running our boat for the last few weeks, doing various "odd-jobs" within the port. Folks are jealous of this vessel. She's VERY responsive. I have a REALLY tight area that I have to dock her in with a fire boat ahead of me and a huge bridge abutment behind me. I primarily use the engines alone and only add steering input to bring the stern to the dock within the last few feet. This boat is incredible."

    Grant, Deputy Chief
    New Hampshire Division of Ports & Harbors

  • "We just wanted to say that you guys did an absolute fabulous job on the Port of Juneau's 32 footer that you built, what a very immaculate piece of workmanship it is. It will be a great addition to our workplace. Once again, OUTSTANDING job and thank you very much."

    Tom & Pete - Harbor Officers
    City of Juneau, Division of Ports & Harbors, Alaska

  • "I am working as a consultant taking care of the CE-certification of a newly bought Munson 34' Packman in Sweden. I must congratulate you for doing a fine job. In my line of work I see a lot of boats, and this is one fine piece of craftsmanship. It handles really good even with a car on board. I am very impressed, indeed."

    Jakob - CE Proof Scandinavia HB
    Saltsjobaden, Sweden

  • "The dock I had the boat tied to in a remote section came apart in a wind storm. The landing craft and dock parts floated into the back of the bay and some of the bottom paint on the starboard side was removed on the rocks, no damage occurred to the hull however, hardly a scratch. This boat works throughout Southeast Alaska, transporting quadrunners, fuel, supplies, and resource specialists and researchers mainly off the outer coast of Prince of Wales Island. It is powered by twin Honda 130 hp outboards and consistently can achieve 36 mph light loaded and 32 mph loaded heavy. I love the boat."

    Jim - Forest Geologist, Tongass National Forest
    Thorne Bay Ranger District, Alaska

  • "I really like my 34 Munson. There has been high demand in my area for a dive boat and the Munson makes a really good dive platform. I've carried a lot of weight on this boat, (exceeding 5,000 lbs on many occasions,) and have never seen the load have any impact on the boat's ride or handling. This boat handles really well. I go out all the time when there are small craft warnings without any difficulty. The ride can get a bit uncomfortable in gale force winds, (as you would expect) but I've never felt unsafe in this boat. I've run in seas that are considerably taller than the boat without difficulty.

    I'm not an expert regarding metal fabrication, but everyone who has seen my boat and who is knowledgeable about metal work has gone out of their way to tell me that it's got the best welding of any metal fabrication that they've ever seen. One guy who does welding for a living told me that the welds on my boat could be considered the "Olympic gold medal" standard for welding. This boat is really well put together

    I'm completely happy with this boat and don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If and when I buy another boat, (when my wife let's me) it's going to be another Munson."

    Howie - Aluminator Water Taxi
    Seattle, Washington

  • "It was a pleasure visiting with you and Jon today to observe the progress of MSRC's 2008 Workboats. It is hard to believe that this 42-boat, 4-year project is coming to a close with the delivery of the final 10 boats this year. From my prospective, as MSRC's program manager for this major boat-building project, it has been an exceptionally well-executed project and it has been a personal pleasure for me to work with Bill, Jon and yourself during the last 4 years.

    Doug - Technical Services Manager
    Marine Spill Response Corporation

  • "Munson has done an excellent job building the ultimate high-speed aluminum catamaran transport/hunting vessel for Alaskan Adventure Tours. The workmanship on this boat is second to none. With over 25 years of operating boats in the unpredictable waters of Alaska, this is the safest most comfortable auxiliary vessel that I ever had the pleasure to operate."

    Darren - Alaskan Adventure Tours
    Cordova, Alaska

  • "The 34' Packman is earning it's money. It has carried many supplies and has driven in 8' seas, duration was about 36' (steering wheel bent a little, bent it back straight). It is easy to handle, once you learn what the wind will do to the high bow and sides. Twin engines control this. Seas change fast in Long Island Sound during the winter months."

    Sean - Park Ranger
    Steward B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge

  • "We are VERY pleased with the boat and the customer support you and your crew supplied throughout this whole process. There has been a lot of interest by other fire departments within our area in regards to our boat and we are planning a presentation as soon as she is ready for service. I will definately be contacting you for literature packages for the presentations. Again, thank you for all your help."

    John - Deep River Fire Dept.
    Deep River, Connecticut

  • "I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take part in the sea trials of our vessel. Jon and Steve were first rate, both Rob and I were provided an in-depth overview of the vessels electronic/mechanical systems before taking the vessel out for a test run. She performed admirably and I am very pleased with each and every upgrade. Thanks again and hope to see you in Wilmington in the near future."

    Mitch - Sea Exploration, Inc
    Wilmington, North Carolina

  • "We've been having a record year for strandings out here in New Jersey. Just though that you would like to see some photos of you product in action. This stranding event occured in the back bay about ten miles from our center. The turtle is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle that had been struck by a boat propeller. Your boat performed flawlessly and the bow door made it extremely simple to load the 60+ pound turtle onto the deck without having to cause any undo stress on the animal (or my back). Your boat allowed us to respond quickly and recover the animal with tremendous ease. Thank you for an incredible product with great performance."

    Jay-Marine Mammal Stranding Center
    Brigantine, New Jersey

  • "Our PACKMAN is working out great. We put it to a lot of good use last fall, moving supplies to and from our remote property. We also used it for hunting and fishing, as a point of interest the first fish I caught from the boat was a nice King salmon. We have had a great deal of enjoyment with the boat and it has always performed very well with all loads and weather conditions. Overall we think it is a great boat and we really enjoy it, and even in rough water it feels very stable."

    John & Jean
    Juneau, Alaska

  • "Before all the Commissioners and politicians jump in and take all the credit, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and your workers for a job well done. The boat looks great and I can't wait to put it to work."

    City of Brookhaven, New York

  • "We love the Munson. About 20 years ago we purchased a 21 footer from you. My husband Tim and I live here on the island year round and have sheep and also dairy goats and chickens to keep us busy along with life in general on the farm. Neither of us had any real boat experience before we came to the farm, but with Ted's help and the ease of driving the Munson, we aren't to bad with it now. Thanks for the new decals to put back on her...she has been through a lot over the years but still holds strong."

    Savage Island Farm, Vermont