World's Best Yacht Tenders
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Highly customized yacht tenders are our specialty. Munson yacht tenders are
designed to drive right up to the beach, drop the bow door and deliver passengers
without even getting their feet wet. Yacht owners can safely and conveniently make
trips to shore delivering vehicles, transporting waste or hauling the gear needed for
an elegant picnic on a remote beach. We can supply a variety of systems for
launching & retrieving your tender as well as lifting eyes ifting eyes, straps and

hardware that are customized for your individual vessel. Munson Yacht
Tenders are built with heavy-duty reinforced keels for worry-free shore
landings. Our drop-down bow doors provide unsurpassed safety and con-
venience for access to places you would not go with traditional tenders.
Munson Tenders offers huge payloads, numerous propulsion options,
self-bailing decks, watertight compartmentalized hull construction and
an abundance of open deck space for unlimited versatility.
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Custom Built for Your Yacht
Munson develops each yacht tender to fit the space available on the mothership. We work closely with our clients to understand the physical constraints and weight limitations to ensure the tender will integrate perfectly with the yacht. Regardless of how many features and additions you need, our team will work skillfully to design and fabricate your perfect yacht tender. We offer a myriad of equipment,

features and options to assist yacht owners including:

• Lifting eyes & hardware (incl. single point)
• Fendering systems
• Storage cradles
• Boat covers

• Passenger seating
• Dive ladders & tank racks
• Sport fishing accessories
• Folding canopies & masts