Munson Law Enforcement and Patrol Boats - In pursuit of perfection
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Law enforcement boats must be capable of fulfilling a multitude of functions.
They must be fast, seaworthy and able to take tremendous abuse. Patrol boats
are often called upon to respond in treacherous situations, where confidence in
the vessel’s capabilities are a must. Munson Patrol Boats are built of 1/4 inch
aluminum hull plating throughout, providing years of trouble free service and a
quiet, comfortable ride. The forward keel is ½” thick reinforced wear plates for

shallow waters or rocky shorelines. The large bow door provides safe access
for water rescue and recovery. High performance catamaran or deep-vee hulls
are available with a long list of power options to get law enforcement officers to
their jobs quickly and safely. Our signature large drop-down bow doors save lives.
Combine that with a high performance hull, choice of power including outboard,
sterndrive or waterjet and you have a law enforcement boat that is ready for duty.
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Built for your Law Enforcement Requirements
We understand that the same boat model isn’t ideal for all law enforcement
and patrol boat applications. Thus every Munson Patrol Boat is built to order
and fully outfitted with all of the necessary features and specifications that
are exactly right for the duties it will be expected to perform. We offer
numerous equipment, features and options to assist law enforcement
professionals including:

• Shock mitigation seating
• High definition sonar
• Sirens & PA systems
• Radios and headsets
• Light bars
• Towing posts
• Engine guards
• Evidence storage
• Infrared cameras
• Lifting davits
• Gun mounts
• Dive bottle racks