Responding World-Wide
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Munson Response Boats are used by hundreds of the world’s leading marine
spill response organizations to protect the environment. We offer a full range
of pollution control vessels that are adaptable to a wide range of marine spill
scenarios. The original Munson landing craft was developed over 35 years
ago as a multi-purpose oil spill response platform. The Munson landing craft
design lends itself perfectly to the many tasks that an oil spill presents.
Abundant open deck space, watertight compartmentalized hull construction,
self-bailing decks and a drop-down bow door make for an oil spill response
boat that is capable of performing a variety of duties. Munson Response Boats
are built using a minimum of 1/4 inch aluminum hull plating throughout providing
decades of trouble free service. Many Munson Response Boats have been
used and abused for several decades and are still in service.
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Designed for your environment
Marine spill containment requires specific equipment that is purpose built for
the job. Thus every Munson Response Vessel is custom built and fully outfitted
with all of the necessary features and specifications that are exactly right for
the duties it will be expected to perform.  We offer numerous equipment,

features and options to assist marine spill response professionals including:
• Lifting davits
• Hydraulic power packs
• Deck winches
• Lifting eyes

• Towing Posts
• Tow line screens
• Push knees
• Boom rollers