Built like a Munson
CNC aluminum cutting
Not all aluminum boats are created equal. We have spent decades in the development, testing
and fine-tuning of our designs & building process to be able to deliver the highest  level of safety, seaworthiness and longevity. We use no less than a full 1/4" of 5086 marine-grade aluminum plate
in our hulls due to its proven strength and corrosion resistance.  At Munson Boats, no compromises
are made, no considerations are overlooked, no corners are cut. If you can find a better built work
boat than a Munson... buy it.

Munson's water-tight, self-bailing decks are
made from heavy-duty aluminum plate that is
securely welded to the cross members.

Multiple sealed bulkheads provide redundant
water-tight floatation chambers with heavy-
duty aluminum access hatches.

CNC-cut transverse beams are notched
to accommodate the full-length aluminum
longitudinal strengtheners, which are welded
in place and span
the length of
the vessel.


hull construction cutaway


Our famous Munson Bow Door is made from heavy-duty
aluminum plates, sandwiched to aluminum stiffeners and
seal water tight when closed. Bow doors lock securely
via 3/4" stainless steel slide-bolts on both sides.

Munson Monohull Landing Craft
munson monohull icon
munson plan drawings
CNC aluminum cutting
The Munson Monohull Landing Craft is an evolution
of Bill Munson's original square-bow design. It was
developed in the early 1980s by Bill Munson to com-
bine the attributes of a "V" hull with the unequalled
utility of a landing craft. Unlike traditional flat-bottom
landing craft, the Munson Monohull performs well
in adverse weather conditions yet retains all of
the capabilities of a landing craft. It has forever
changed the definition of "Landing Craft".

Munson modified "V" hull seaworthy & efficient.

Beaching plates give a full 1/2" where it contacts the beach.

The steep bow entry slices through the waves,
and provides a quiet ride in rough seas.

Large water-
tight drop-down
bow door.

Wide chine provides
lift under heavy loads.

The Munson Catamaran Landing Craft
munson monohull icon
munson plan drawings
CNC aluminum cutting
Munson Catamaran Landing Craft were developed to
provide superior stability when working in the most
demanding of conditions. Our patented catamaran
hull is engineered to be fast, get on-plane quickly
with little bow rise and to be the most stable
platform possible. When vessel stability is of
paramount concern for everything from sport
diving to lifting buoy anchors off of the sea floor,
you can rest assured that a Munson Catamaran
is the true king of stability & strength.

Wave-breaker hull is engineered to break waves in
the hull tunnel to cushion ride and reduce pounding.

Beaching plates (on both hulls) give a full 1/2"
of aluminum where the hulls contact the beach.

Large water-
tight drop-down
bow door.

Hulls are no less than
1/4" aluminum plate.

The Munson Chinook Hull
munson monohull icon
munson plan drawings
CNC aluminum cutting
For those mariners who want the quality of a Munson-Built
vessel in a traditional pointed-bow, we offer the Munson
Chinook Hull. Built with the same high-quality heavy-
duty construction and attention to detail as our
Munson Landing Craft, the Chinook's deep "V" is
fast and performs extremely well in rough water.
If you are looking for a superior-quality, pointed-
bow vessel that is built like a Munson...
this is your boat.

Heavy-duty modified deep "V" hull.

Keel doubler provides a full 1/2"
of aluminum for added protection
from impacts while underway.

Wave-busting fine-entry
bow is made from 5086
aluminum plate.

Wide chine provides
lift and adds stability.

Engineered to rise to the challenge in adverse weather
munson square bow
  1. 40 ° deadrise bow door
    rides up over the waves.
  2. Water-tight deck prevents
    water from reaching hull.
  3. Scuppers port & starboard
    drain water overboard.
  4. Water-tight hull chambers
    give redundant floatation.
bow deadrise
number two
number two
number three
number four
The "square-bow" design with its wide flare at
the forward edges provides more buoyancy than
pointed bow designs which tend to plunge into
the wave. This makes the vessel rise over waves. 
With the inherent buoyancy of the Munson bow
and multiple sealed floatation chambers below the watertight decks with large scuppers, the Munson
hull is engineered for safely in extreme conditions.
Only in the most extreme weather conditions does the
bow door itself actually contact the water. When this
occurs, the 40° angled bow door has the effect of
riding up the wave – keeping the bow above water.

Avoiding Stress
Bill Munson pioneered his stress-reducing
building technique in the 1970's, that it is still
in use today. It was developed to eliminate
"trapped stresses" inherint in the building
process that many aluminum boat builders
are unaware of. Failure to address this vital
issue and the resulting stresses on welds
and the boat structure itself will inevitably
cause an aluminum boat to warp or fail
over time. By systematically welding from
the center-outward, the invisible stresses do
not occurr – increasing longevity, durability
and even its handling qualities.    
Munson High-Performance Landing Craft
munson plan drawings
CNC aluminum cutting
Although it was inspired by the original Higgins WWII Landing Craft, the Modern Munson is a much different vessel than its
revered ancestor. Today's Munson Landing Craft is
an offshore-capable high-performance vessel –
available in monohull & catamaran versions.

Commercial grade Diamond Sea-Glaze windows
and doors with 1/4" tempered glass are used in
all of our cabins.

Optional heavy-duty welded engine brackets
are available for single, twin or triple outboards.

Optional engine guard

All Munson Vessels are high-performance planing hulls that are capable of handeling heavy loads in rough water conditions.

Beaching plate (standard on all Munson Vessels)
gives a full 1/2" where it contacts the beach.

Cabins are built from 3/16" plate aluminum for the
ideal strength-to-weight ratio and include thermal
insulation and sound-supression technology.

Numerous hull options and features are
available including foam collar (shown).

Optional push knees
are available in a large
variety of configurations.

Made famous by the Normandy invasion of 1944, the WWII "Higgins Boat" was said to be "the boat that won the war".
With a maximum speed of 9 knots under ideal conditions,
it was not fast, but it got the job done.
munson design and engineering

Overall length was 36'. It could carry 36 fully equipped soldiers.

Propulsion provided via fixed-position inboard.

Flat-bottom & shallow draft provided great shore access.

The nearly vertical bow door
plowed through the water.

Although the Higgins Boat was very capable, it was
very different from a Modern Munson Landing Craft.
While the Higgins Boat's displacement hull was made
of wood, Munson Hulls are high-speed planing hulls
that are welded from 1/4" plate aluminum. They reach
speeds in excess of 60 mph with outstanding stability.
At Munson, we are proud to continue the development
of the landing craft... and help make it the vessel of
choice for more jobs than Higgins ever imagined.
Higgins Boat – WWII LCVP