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Our clients say it best…

"Just a quick note to express my appreciation for a fine vessel from your organization. You and your foreman, Jon Wise, have been very helpful and cooperative in working with me during the design, construction, sea trials, and any warranty coverage. The 38' Alaskan Hunter is a superbly functioning vessel that meets our needs for an additional vessel for our Alaskan fishing, hunting and vehicle transportation operation. We are particularly impressed with its operation in rough sea conditions. Keep up the good work."

Gustavus, Alaska

The Packman LC can be powered with any type of propulsion system. Inboards/Outboards (single, twin and triple), sterndrives or water jet drives can be accommodated to match your requirements.
First produced in 1984, the Packman LC was designed by Bill Munson as an alternative to the barge style landing craft that were being produced. Up to that time, traditional landing craft incorporated a flat-bottom or shallow vee hull design with a very broad, flat entry that performed poorly in waves.  These barge hulls were difficult to control and
pounded heavily while operating at higher   speeds. The hard pounding was uncomfortable for those on board and subjected the hull to unnecessary stress. By 1984, Bill had designed and built hundreds of custom mono hull  aluminum workboats and could see a need for a welded aluminum landing craft that would
handle rough water. Reengineering the forward hard chines of his pointed bow hull design would accommodate a landing craft bow door, and would also provide lift for planing heavy loads. This adjustment was possible without sacrificing the performance and sea keeping characteristics of his proven mono hull design.
Munson Landingcraft Development
The Packman LC is suitable for offshore, heavy sea, heavy load operations as well as near shore, shallow water operations. The 16 degree deadrise at the transom creates comfort at high speeds. The beam and depth of the entry at the bow are designed to cut through heavy chop. The shape and rise of the forward chines has been developed to increase stability and provide maximum lift when
bringing the boat onto plane, yet not pound in heavy sea, high speed operations. At speed, the chines knockdown spray and hold the boat on plane with minimum effort. The combination of a modified vee hull with the bow entry of a sport cruiser, and wide forward chines that provide lift and stability have proven to function superbly in rough water operations.
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Vessel Capabilities
Munson 28 Utility shown


Propulsion Options
The Munson Monohull Landing Craft was developed to
add the rough water handling and performance qualities
of a deep "V" hull to the unequalled utility of a landing craft.
Unlike traditional flat-bottom landing craft, the Munson Monohull
is fast and performs incredibly well in adverse weather conditions
yet can meet the demanding duties of a landing craft. The Munson
Packman Monohull has redefined landing craft. If you are looking for
the utility of a landing craft with deep "V" performance, you have found it.
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