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Redefining landing craft

"William Munson is a well-respected
Pacific Northwest builder of aluminum
boats. He has been doing it for a few
decades, and you would be hard pressed
to hear a discouraging word about the
man or his products, itself a rare
achievement in any industry.
Munson is an innovator, and has
been for years."

- from Professional BoatBuilder, April 1999


"Munson is more than a boat builder,
he is adept at designing boats tailored to
the individual customer."

- from The Enterprise, Feburary 1984

Most of these early landing craft were built
as oil spill response vessels where the large
cargo deck and bow door perfect for deploy-
ing of oil containment booms. As the popularity
of Bill Munson's hull designs increased, so
did his product line. Bill Munson designed and
built hundreds of conventional pointed bow
workboats, as well as square bow designs
and landing craft, in the 1980's and 1990's.
Munson Timeline
For over 35 years Munson Boats has been pursuing the
perfect landing craft design. Scroll to see our history.

For over 35 years, Bill Munson has been a pioneer
in the welded aluminum boat building industry. In his
early  years, instead of doing his schoolwork, Bill drew
pictures of boats. He designed and built his first boat
at the age of 13 and has since designed and built over
2,000 welded aluminum vessels. While serving in the
US Navy in Vietnam, he was introduced to the benefits
of welded aluminum boats where he  learned to weld
and fabricate aluminum Swift Patrol Boats. After the war,
Bill went right to work building aluminum gill netting and
seine fishing vessels in Alaska which added to his
practical approach to vessel design and outfitting.
His experience in aluminum hull design, construction
and operation has allowed Munson Boats to become
a world leader in the design and creation of welded
aluminum workboats.
Bill continued to gain experience and knowledge
in the finer points of aluminum boat building by
designing and Seasled Utility Skiffs which were
exceedingly popular in the 70's and 80's. The
Seasled hulls offered a stable working platform for
the customer not overly concerned with a soft ride.
The Seasled's wide, slightly dished flat bottom
offered excellent side to side stability and load
packing capabilities. The shallow draft of these hulls
and their square bow configurations made them a
popular choice for short run, heavy load applications.
Seasleds were built in sizes from 16 to 24 feet and
powered with single outboard motors. These
heavily built vessels found a home where a
small yet indestructible workboat was an
absolute necessity .
The Early Years of Munson Boats
bills first boat
another photo of bills first boat

Today, every Munson Boat is built with the experience
and knowledge gained from building a wide variety of
welded aluminum boats for wide variety of applications.

When you choose a Munson Boat, you can rest assured
that you will receive a vessel that combines the highest
level of design, weld quality, craftsmanship and perfor-
mance available. No compromises are made with a
Munson Boat... no corners are cut. There is simply no
comparison to the efficiency, quality and performance
of a Munson Boat.  For more than a genration, Munson
boats have been striving to build the world's finest
welded aluminum baots. Let us put our vast experience
incomparable boat building skill to work for you.
Bill began building the square bow, modified vee hull
design in 1981. The square bow vee hull was desirable
for many workboat applications. Bow rollers, bow steps,
bow lockers and many other options adapted well to this
configuration. The increased space over the pointed bow
design combined with the ride of a pleasure cruiser
made it a very good heavy sea workboat.
The first Munson "V" hull landing craft  vessels
were built  in 1984.  A  bow door adaptation was
easily made to the square bow configurations
that were currently being produced by Munson.
This new "V" hull landing craft was the only hull
of its kind to offer a deep forefoot and bow door
in the same hull.
The Munson Landing Craft Design

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