Custom Welded Aluminum Diving Boats
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Experienced divers know that their equipment is critical to successful under-
water operations and should not be underestimated. That goes for the dive boat
as well. At Munson Boats, we understand that a dive boat is a key piece of diving
equipment that can make the difference between a successful dive op and failure.
Many organizations and military personnel rely on us for top quality boats.
Munson Dive Boats are used worldwide for underwater inspections, videography,
HAZMAT, police and scientific dive teams. 1/4 inch aluminum hull plating with
watertight compartmentalized hull construction and an abundance of open deck
space are ingredients for a great dive boat. A large drop-down bow door and
optional side doors make entry and exit easy and safe.
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Built for any application
Dive boats play a crucial role in a wide variety of applications including underwater inspections, evidence collection and deploying ROV’s. At Munson Boats we design
and build dive boats that make our clients’ job easier. Regardless of how many
features are needed the Munson team will work skillfully to design and fabricate
your perfect dive boat. We are well-versed in the requirements for both commercial
and sport diving vessels and can combine our expertise with the best materials
and most reliable components to ensure your specific needs are met.
Design Experts
We offer numerous equipment, features and options to assist
professional divers including:

• Tank racks
• Hose trees
• Side doors
• Dive ladders

• Diver control panels
• Underwater lighting
• Video displays
• Lifting davits