Please feel free to contact us
about building your Munson Boat
or any questions you may have.

E-mail is our preferred way to have a boat discussion.
It leaves a track record of how we got from Point A to
Point B. If E-mail is not viable for any reason,
please feel free to just give us a call.

Review our website and select a vessel that comes
close to what you have in mind. You may not find exactly
what you want but you should find something darn close.
When you e-mail us, refer to that boat by its designated
number. The boats are numbered on the website by
length and order of presentation
(40-1 or 23-6 or 34-3, etc.).

Include a decent description of how and where the boat
will be used. We can then respond with a budget for that
boat. Once we have settled on a boat size and type we
will assemble a detailed boat specification and quote
from a long list of Munson standard parts and pieces.
We will then add any custom outfitting required.

Our job is to produce a boat that exceeds your
expectations. To do this you will become our partner in
the process. Through this partnership we will become
friends. Friends that own our boats are good for
business. Simple as that.

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