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Our clients say it best…

"In my lifetime, few products have truly exceeded my expectations. I'm guessing that this is true for most of us. Your PACKCAT is one of them. The functionality and rough water performance of my new 30' x 10' is nothing less than superb. I thought I'd have to give up some comfort and handling in trade for beachable cargo hauling capability. However, I am delighted with every aspect of this vessel's performance in nasty, real world conditions. Your claims are true, if not understated. I now own a boat that is superbly built and a pleasure to operate. Your team's professionalism and pride are reflected in your product! I've never worked with a finer group of people."

LaConner, Washington

The Packat LC requires two
main engines. Twin outboards
or sterndrives can be used.
It cannot be powered by water-
jets or single engines due to the
amount of air captured in the
tunnel area.
Bill Munson developed the Packcat LC hull design in 1998 as an alternative to mono hull design. This patented twin hull design combines tunnel hull catamaran performance and landing craft capability for the first time. Originally developed as a result of customer requests for a heavy-duty landing craft
with more stability than was offered by a monohull design for the film industry. The resulting design was an all new vessel type that was more stable than flat bottom designs and the tunnel-hull feature was fast and efficient .
The Packcat LC was an immediate success and soon became the preferred landing craft design for a host of civilian, commercial and government
landing craft applications. Munson was later granted a US Patent for the Packcat LC design (Pat. No. D438,506S).
Munson Catamaran Development
The Packcat LC offers shallow draft, a very stable
working platform and high performance levels.
Symmetrical hulls create port and starboard
buoyancy points for increased stability and allow
the hull to sit level on the beach if the boat goes
dry on a falling tide.
Packcat's unique tunnel hull design is well suited for a landing craft than a conventional catamaran design, as the wetted tunnel surface better supports weight forward cargo, and takes less powerhold plane with
a heavily loaded boat.
police catamaran click to enlarge image
Vessel Capabilities
Munson 32 Police shown


Propulsion Options
Munson Catamarans were developed to give you the
greatest possible stability when working in demanding
conditions. Our catamaran hulls are engineered to be fast,
get on-plane quickly with little bow rise and to be the most stable
platform possible when stability is of paramount concern. From sport
diving to lifting buoy anchors off of the sea floor, at rest, underway or
loading or unloading cargo from the beach, you can rest assured that a
Munson Catamaran is the king of strength and stability.
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