The William E. Munson Company is a family owned welded aluminum boat manufacturer located in Burlington, Washington (1 hour north of Seattle). We differentiate ourselves by specializing in high speed landing craft and have built more of this type of vessel than anyone in the world. From the very beginning, Bill Munson's focus has been on designing and manufacturing the most innovative and hardworking aluminum boats on the market.
Munson Boats offers a standardized product line
of high speed landing craft that offer a unique
alternative to conventional boat design. The
unofficial motto at Munson is "form follows
function", with the function being whatever the
buyer has in mind. We use a model chosen by
the customer from the website as a starting point
and then our sales team works with the customer
to comes up with a proposal specification.
Upon approval, the project is assigned to one of
our engineering teams. Using 2D and 3D modeling
software Munson Engineers analyze every aspect of
the boats construction and capacities before the plans
make it to the shop floor. The Munson design team has
an extensive library of hulls and sub-assemblies, enabling
the buyer to mix-and-match design elements and outfitting
options to create a custom one-of-a-kind vessel quickly,
and at a competitive price.
The William E. Munson Company
Our family owned company
is dedicated to the continuing
development of the world's
finest landing craft and work-
boats. Having spent countless
hours developing our products
features and options, our goal
is to build you the best boat
for your demanding lifestyle.